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The seed of The Cloudberry was first sown when, as a five year old, I sat at a restaurant table and wondered how I could possibly recreate the food I’d just eaten.  A question that nagged then resulted in years of hot kitchens and long days honing my skills as a chef.   A persistent hunger for cooking that has remained since and led to opening this restaurant. 

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The Cloudberry sits at the end of a stretch of small independent shops, pubs and cafes that run from Cranbrook High Street into Stone Street.    Outside and to the right of its handsome Georgian façade pokes a windmill from weather boarded houses and to the left, the line of shops disappears towards St Dunstan’s Church.   Cranbrook is an historic town but our history is recent.  Since opening our doors we have grown a loyal band of regulars and frequent visitors who have come to love our relaxed setting and ever-changing seasonal menu.

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